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Case 12

The adversaries of the Declarer take ten tricks, but revoke. Under
these conditions, can either side score "except for honors or chicane?"


Law 84 provides that "a revoking side cannot score, except for honors
or chicane."

It also provides: "If either of the adversaries revoke, the declarer
may either add 150 points to his score in the honor column or may take
three tricks from his opponents and add them to his own. Such tricks
may assist the declarer to make good his declaration."

It is evident that the Declarer is given the option of either scoring
150 points or taking three tricks, should he prefer to make good his
declaration rather than receive the bonus.

In the case cited, three tricks could not fulfill the contract, but
should a thoughtless or generous Declarer elect to take a penalty which
would not benefit him, in preference to 150, he would be acting within
his rights.

The rule clearly decides this case. The adversaries "cannot score
except for honors or chicane," and the Declarer can "add 150 to his
score in the honor column" if he elect so to do.

Acknowledgment is made of the courtesy of The Whist Club of New York in
permitting the publication of its code of laws and of the decisions of
its Card Committee.

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