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Canfield Or Klondike


One Entire Pack of Cards
From "The Official Rules of Card Games," copyright 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1904, 1907, 1911, 1912, 1913, by The U. S. Playing Card Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.
The player pays 52 counters for the pack and he is paid 5 counters for every card he gets down in the top foundations. The cards being shuffled and cut, the first is turned face up and laid on the table. To the right of this card, but face down, are placed six more cards in a row. Immediately below the left-hand card of this row that is face down another card is placed face up, and five to the right of it face down. Another card face up below and four to the right face down, and so on until there are seven cards face up and twenty-eight in the layout.
Any aces showing are picked out and placed by themselves above the layout for foundations. These aces are built on in sequence and suit up to kings. The moment any card in the layout is uncovered by playing away the bottom of the row, the next card in that vertical row is turned face up. Cards in the layout are built upon in descending sequence—K, Q, J, down to 4, 3, 2—and must alternate in color; red on black, black on red. If there be more than one card at the bottom of a row, all must be moved together or not at all. Spaces are filled with kings only.
The stock is run through one card at a time and any card showing can be used, either on the layout or foundations. When the pack has been run through once that ends it.

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