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Two Entire Packs of Cards


  • The foundations follow suit.

  • The uppermost card of each packet of the helps is alone available until its removal releases the card beneath.

  • When queens appear among the helps, whether placed in the original deal or in refilling vacancies, no other cards can be laid upon them. They remain as single cards.


Deal out eight cards in the shape of a capital A: these are called helps. Whenever in the course of the deal knaves turn up, they are to be placed so as to form the letter N (see tableau). The eight knaves are the foundation cards, which descend in sequence to kings.

When the helps (letter A) have been laid out, play from them any suitable cards to continue the foundations (if any of these have been already placed), refilling the vacancies from the pack or talon. You next proceed to form marriages in ascending line with cards of the helps, except in the case of queens, on which cards must not be placed (Rules II and III).

When no other cards can be played or married, proceed to deal out the entire pack, playing the knaves and other suitable cards forming marriages with cards in the helps, refilling vacancies and placing unsuitable cards as a talon.

If the game succeeds, the final tableau shows the letter A composed of queens, and the letter N of kings, with which the foundation cards terminate.

The talon may be re-dealt twice.

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