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A New Deal

33. There must be a new deal by the same dealer if during the deal or
during the play of the hand the pack be found to be incorrect or
imperfect; but all points scored on previous hands stand.

34. If any card be found faced in the pack before a lead is made, there
must be a new deal.

35. If, while dealing, a card be exposed by the dealer or his partner,
the adversaries can call for a new deal, provided that neither of them
has touched the cards. A card exposed by either adversary gives that
claim to the dealer, provided that his partner has not touched the
cards. If a new deal does not take place, the exposed card cannot be

36. If, during the deal, a player touch any of his cards, the
adversaries may do the same without losing their privilege of claiming a
new deal, should chance give them such option.

37. If, in dealing, one of the last cards be exposed, and the dealer
turn up the trump before there is reasonable time for his adversaries to
decide as to a fresh deal, they do not thereby lose their privilege.

38. A deal made with the adversaries' cards is good, provided that the
trump card has been turned. If not, a new deal may be claimed. The
players thus losing their cards may reclaim them at the end of the

39. Should the dealer, in turning the trump card, expose any other card
of the pack, there must be a new deal.

40. A deal out of turn can be stopped, if the error be discovered before
the trump card is turned; otherwise the deal stands.

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