When Two Hearts Or Two Royals Has Been Declared

The declaration of two Hearts or two Royals is practically a command to

the partner not to alter the call. It indicates at least six sure

tricks, probably more, and a valuable honor count, in the Declarer's

hand, provided the suit named be the Trump. The Third Hand should only

change such a declaration when convinced beyond reasonable doubt that

his holding is so unusual that he is warranted in assuming the

responsibility of countermanding the order that has issued.

Weakness in the Trump and strength in some other suit is far from being

a sufficient justification, as the chances are that the Dealer is weak

in the suit of the Third Hand, and called "two" mainly for the purpose

of keeping it from being named. To overbid two Royals or Hearts with

three Diamonds or Clubs is obviously absurd, unless holding five

honors and such other strength that game is assured.

To overbid two Hearts with two Royals, or two Royals with three Hearts,

is almost tantamount to saying, "Partner, I know you are trying to shut

out this declaration, but I am strong enough to insist upon it." Such

action is only justified by 64 or 72 honors, and a sure game.

To overbid two Hearts or two Royals with two No-trumps, as a rule,

means 100 Aces. High-card strength assures the game in the partner's

call with probably a big honor score; only the premium of 100 makes the

change advisable.

With strength, in the case under consideration, the Third Hand should

advance his partner's call with much greater confidence than if it were

an ordinary bid of one. He should not worry even if absolutely void of

Trumps; in that suit his partner has announced great length as well as

commanding cards; Aces and Kings of the other suits are what the

Declarer wishes to find in his hand, and with them he should bid


The same line of comment applies with even greater force to the action

of the Third Hand when the Dealer has bid three Royals or three Hearts.

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