When Two Diamonds Or Two Clubs Has Been Declared

When the Dealer has called two Clubs or two Diamonds with the score at

love, the Third Hand should allow the declaration to stand, unless his

Heart or Spade holding be such that he believes, with the assistance of

his partner's Club or Diamond suit, he may win the game; or unless able

to bid two No-trumps. With the information that his partner has an

established suit, it does not require much strength to justify the two

No-trumps call. With all the other suits stopped, no matter how weakly,

the bid is imperative. With two securely stopped, it is advisable, but

with only one stopped, it is entirely out of the question.

With a score in the trick column, the Third Hand will treat either a

one or two Club or Diamond declaration just as, with the score at love,

he treats a similar call in Hearts or Royals.

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