When To Redouble

The question of when to redouble is so intricate that it is hard to

consider, except when the specific case arises. Some players frequently

redouble, as a kind of bluff, when convinced their declaration will

fail, the intent being to frighten either the doubler or his partner

into another declaration. Against a very timid player, this is

sometimes successful, but unless it catch its victim, it is expensive


Nine out of ten redoubles, however, are bona fide, and made because

the fulfilment of the contract seems assured. Even then, however, a

player should not redouble unless practically positive that neither of

his adversaries can get out of the redouble by making a higher bid.

The player who has been doubled and is sure of his contract is in a

most enviable position; game and a handsome bonus both are his, and it

would be most foolish for him to risk so much merely for the chance of

the extra score. If, however, there be no escape for the doubler, the

redouble is most valuable, and a real opportunity for it should never

be overlooked.

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