When To Overbid The Partner

Overbidding a partner with a declaration which he has once taken out is

only authorized by an honor count which is of material value, or a sure

game. For example, if a player declare one Royal, holding four or five

honors, and the partner overbid with a No-trump, the original declarer

should bid two Royals; but without the big honor count it is wiser to

let the No-trump stand, as the partner has announced weakness in


The same line of reasoning should be followed when the partner has

called two of a suit over a No-trump. As a rule, under these

conditions, it is most unwise for the original No-trump declarer to bid

two No-trumps, but with four Aces, the value of the honors thoroughly

warrants such a declaration, unless the partner's call has evidently

been a "rescue."

The "rescue" or weakness take-out is a warning not to be disregarded.

Two Clubs or Diamonds over a No-trump is the most self-evident example,

and after such a call by the partner it takes a holding of eight sure

tricks to justify two No-trumps. Of course, with four Aces, seven

tricks would warrant the call, on the theory that at the worst the 100

for the Aces would set off the possible loss by the double, and more

than equal the loss if a double be not made.

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