When To Bid No-trump Over A Suit

The question of what amount of strength warrants the Second Hand in

bidding one No-trump, after a suit has been declared by the Dealer, is

somewhat difficult to accurately answer. It goes without saying that to

justify a No-trump under such circumstances, the Second Hand must have

much better than merely an average holding. The suit that the Dealer

has bid should be safely stopped, and when the declarer has only one

trick in that suit, at least four other tricks should be in sight.

Occasionally cases arise in which the Second Hand may bid one No-trump

over a suit declaration without the suit that has been declared being

stopped, but these are rare and such a call should only be made with

unusual strength, as it gives the partner the right to assume that the

adverse suit is stopped and he may consequently advance the No-trump to

dangerous figures.

It is probably a good rule that a No-trump should not be called over a

declared suit, that suit not being stopped, with a holding of less than

six sure tricks. Even with one stopper in the suit bid, it is generally

better to declare either Royals or Hearts in preference to No-trump,

provided the hand contain sufficient length and strength to warrant

such declaration.

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