When Three Spades Has Been Declared

When the Dealer has called three Spades, the Third Hand has quite

accurate data with which to work. In this case, even if his hand be

trickless, he must bid one Royal, as his partner's three Spades might

otherwise be left in by the Fourth Hand. With some strength in other

suits, one Royal is his bid, unless his cards justify him in telling

the Dealer that, in spite of the announced long, weak Spades, the

combined hands are apt to sail more smoothly and on more peaceful seas

to the port called "Game" by the No-trump than by the suggested Royal


Should the Third Hand overbid three Spades with either Hearts,

Diamonds, or Clubs, he shows great strength in the suit named and

absolute weakness in Spades; the bid of two Royals shows assistance in

Spades, and probably other strength.

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