When The Only Offensive Declaration Has Been Made By The Dealer

In this case the Fourth Hand, before making a declaration in any manner

doubtful, should remember that his partner has, by failing to declare,

announced that he has not sufficient strength to overbid the Dealer.

This does not, however, signify that he has a trickless hand, and the

Fourth Hand may even yet count upon him for some support. There are two

features--both of importance--one weighing in favor, the other against,

a declaration under these circumstances. One is, that the strength

being over the Fourth Hand, he is placed in the worst possible position

in the play, and there is more probability of his being doubled than

under any other conditions. If he be doubled, it is not likely that his

partner can take him out or prove of material assistance, as the double

is apt to come in the case in which the partner has passed with a

practically trickless hand.

On the other hand, the lead is with the partner, and especially when a

No-trump has been declared, it may be of great advantage to indicate

the suit which should be led. The Fourth Hand should, therefore, if

possible avoid placing a large bonus in the adversaries' column, yet he

should not hesitate to take a chance when his hand indicates that the

lead of a certain suit will be likely to save game.

In the event of a Dealer's declaration which is not apt to produce game

coming up to the Fourth Hand, he should pass, unless his holding

convince him that he will be able to go game should he declare.

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