When The Dealer And Second Hand Have Made Offensive Declarations And The Third Hand Passed

It is an exceptional hand which justifies taking the partner out of a

suit declaration, called over a No-trump bid by the Dealer. The partner

has the advantage of sitting over the Dealer, while the Dealer would

have this same advantage should the Fourth Hand declare some other


In this position the partner having bid two Clubs or Diamonds, the

Fourth Hand, with the other three suits stopped, is justified in

assuming that the original No-trump was made with the minimum strength,

and the chance of game, as the declaration stands, being remote, should

try a bid of two No-trumps.

When the Dealer has declared a suit, and the Second Hand, No-trump, the

Fourth Hand should overbid the Second with a suit declaration (except,

of course, in the almost inconceivable case in which the strength of

the Fourth Hand is in the suit named by the Dealer), with the same

holding that the Third Hand is justified in overbidding the Dealer's


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