The Discard

86. Should the card turned up be made the trump, the dealer must at once

discard one card from his hand. The discard is not complete until the

dealer has placed the card under the pack and quitted it; after which he

cannot change.

87. Should the eldest hand lead before the discard is completed, the

lead stands, and the dealer can change his discard if he wishes.

88. The trump card cannot be discarded.

89. Should the third hand play alone, and the second player lead before

the dealer has discarded, the latter can be called on to play his

highest or lowest of the suit led, or to win or lose the trick.

90. Should any player have more or less than five cards, or the dealer

neglect to discard before playing, the deal holds good, and the party so

offending forfeits two if all four are playing, and four if a lone hand

is played. They also are not entitled to score any point or points they

may have made on that hand.

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