Summarized Penalties

For the benefit of those who wish to hastily ascertain the penalty for

an offense or to refer to the law upon the subject, the following table

of summarized penalties has been prepared. It does not include every

possible penalty, but merely those of most frequent occurrence.


Revoke by Declarer 150 points 84 a

Revoke by Adversary 150 points or 3 tricks 84 b

Revoke by Dummy None 63

Second revoke in same hand 100 points 84 c

Lead out of turn by Declarer None 77

{ Exposed card

Lead out of turn by Adversary { or 76

{ Called lead

Card exposed during deal New deal 37 c

{ Partner cannot bid nor

Card exposed after deal and { lead suit of card and card 65

before end of bidding { may be called

{ May be called and if exposed

Card exposed after end of { by Third Hand that suit 66

bidding and before lead { not be led

Card exposed { Declarer None 72

during {

play by { Adversary May be called { 67

{ 72

Two or more cards played at All may be called 70

once by adversary

Not playing to trick New deal 81

Playing 2 cards to trick Liable for revoke 82

Playing with less than 13 cards Liable for revoke 38

Holding 14 cards New deal 37 d

Misdeal New deal { 36

{ 37

Dealing out of turn or with May be corrected before 40

wrong cards last card is dealt

Declaration out of turn New deal 49

Double out of turn New deal 57

Pass out of turn None 49

Insufficient declaration Made sufficient and partner 50

debarred from bidding

Impossible declaration Made 7 tricks and partner 50

debarred from bidding; or

new deal; or previous

declaration may be made final

Dummy's calling attention to Penalty for offense 61

eliminated any offense

Dummy's suggesting a play It may be required or 62


Declarer's naming or touching May have to play it 64

card in Dummy

Adversary's calling attention Partner may be required to 92

to trick play highest or lowest card

or win or lose trick

Giving information about Called lead 51

bidding after final bid

Fourth Hand playing before Second Hand may be required 80

Second to play highest or

lowest card or win or lose


Cutting more than one card Must take highest 16

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