The stakes may consist of any amount previously arranged, and whatever is

decided upon, whether it be counters or money, is recognised as the limit

per trick, only changed when a player having declared for Nap, succeeds

in making it, in which case each player pays double, or as though he had

lost ten tricks. In other cases the players win or lose one stake for each

trick that the senior hand has declared for. Say, for example, he declared

to win three tricks, and succeeded, then each of the other players would

pay him three times the amount of the stake; if the senior hand did not

succeed, he would have to pay a similar amount to each of the others.


The deal is decided by the cards being turned face upwards before each

player, until the first knave is exposed. The player to whom the knave

falls then becomes the first dealer. It is better to play with two

separate packs of cards, as considerable time is saved in collecting and

shuffling, which operations are to be performed by the player on the next

dealer's left hand side. When shuffled the cards are to be placed on the

right hand side of the dealer, where they are to be left until the player

on his right cuts them. The dealer distributes five cards to each player,

going from left to might, and dealing the cards one at a time.

As the deal is a disadvantage, inasmuch as the dealer has the last call,

there is no penalty attaching to a misdeal, unless the game is being played

with the addition of a pool or kitty (see page 11), in which case the

player making a misdeal pays a penalty to the pool equal to the stake of

one trick. In the event of a misdeal, or accidental exposure of a card,

the whole pack must be collected, shuffled and re-cut, as before, after

which the cards are to be re-dealt by the same player who made the mistake.

The players must not interfere with the cards during the deal, under a

similar penalty, nor touch the remainder of the pack when once it has

left the dealer's hands.

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