Pool Commerce

This is a variation of the old method of conducting the game, and is played

on somewhat similar lines, except that a pool is made up, by each player

paying in an equal sum, for which he receives three counters. Play then

proceeds in the manner just described as the old game. The winner of

the hand, instead of receiving a stake from each of the players, takes a

previously arranged sum from the pool, while the player who has the worst

hand puts one counter into the pool. The game continues until all but one

of the players have exhausted their three counters, when the player who

remains with the last counter or counters takes the amount left in the

pool. As soon as a player has exhausted his counters he has to stand

out of the game, and no cards are dealt to him, so that the adoption of

this variation makes the game very tedious for those who are first out,

as they may have to wait a considerable time before the stock of the

other players is exhausted.

The player who is first out has the option of buying one counter from

the pool, which is termed "buying a horse." He has to pay for the same

into the pool such sum as may be agreed upon--usually one-third or one-half

the amount of the original stake.

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