Playing The Hands

The players having decided whether they will stand or not, the leader

plays his card. If he holds ace, or with ace turned up holds king,

and fails to lead it, he is looed; similarly, with two or more trumps if

he fails to lead the highest he is looed. Any player neglecting to follow

the suit led, when he is able to do so; or omitting to trump a suit,

when by so doing he can head the trick, is likewise looed; as also is any

one playing out of turn, or exposing or mentioning the value of his own,

or opponent's unplayed cards, or of either of those in the miss, or among

the undealt portion of the pack.

If the winner of the first trick remains with a trump, and fails to lead

it; or having two trumps left fails to lead the highest, he is looed.

In all these cases the penalty is the amount of a full loo, and it is

added to the pool for the next deal. The cards must he replayed in

proper order, and if the player who transgressed wins either of the tricks

his winnings must be left in the pool for the next deal.

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