My Bird Sings

This game may be played by any number of persons up to thirteen, if a

full pack of cards be used; or by any number up to eight with the smaller

pack of thirty-two cards. A pool is formed by each player contributing a

counter or coin, the dealer paying one extra. Four cards are then dealt

to each player, and all have the right to look at their hands.

The object of the players is to secure a flush, four cards of one suit;

or four cards of different suits; and when either of these combinations

is secured, the player says: "My Bird sings," and he becomes the winner,

and thereby entitled to the amount in the pool.

There are two methods of conducting the game: either by each player in

turn throwing out a card from his hand, or by allowing the opponent on

his left-hand side to take one.

The competitor on the dealer's left is the first to play, and, supposing

his "Bird" does not already "sing," and the first-named method is adopted,

he throws out one of his cards, face downwards, on the table. The player

on his left adds this card to his own four, and if his "Bird" does not

"sing," he in like manner throws one of his cards out for the next player;

the same plan being adopted round and round, until one of the players

secures the four cards necessary.

If the second method is adopted the player does not himself reject

a card, but turns his hand, without exposing it, to the next player, who

selects whichever card he chooses, and proceeds with the game as in the

other variation.

After going completely round among the players three times, the original

leader may exchange one of his cards for the top card of the undealt

portion of the pack, and if it should happen to be of the same suit as

the one he threw out, he rejects it, and takes the next or following one,

until he gets a different suit; but before introducing a new card into

the game he must throw out one of those in hand. This introduction of new

cards may be made each round, after the first three of a hand, until one of

the players secures a winning set of cards, otherwise it may be a tedious

matter to get a winning combination.

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