How To Bid Against Two Or Three Spades

With two Spades bid by the Dealer, if the Second Hand have a suit he

desires led against a No-trump, it is of the utmost importance that he

indicate it to his partner.

Under such conditions, the Second Hand should declare a suit headed by

King, Queen, Knave, or some similar combination, but should avoid

bidding a long, weak suit, as the No-trump declarer may hold Ace, Queen

of it, and the partner may, by the call, be invited to lead his King

into the jaws of death. Of course, if the hand contain reentries, it

may be advisable to make such a bid, although even then it may

advantageously be delayed until the second round, since against a two

Spade declaration the Second Hand is sure of having another opportunity

to speak.

With three Spades declared by the Dealer, the Second Hand expects a

Royal from the Third Hand. He knows that he will have another chance to

bid, but, as he will then probably have to go much higher, it is just

as well not to wait if the hand contain any advantageous declaration.

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