Etiquette Of Euchre

106. The following rules belong to the established Etiquette of Euchre.

They are not called "Laws," as it is difficult, and in some cases

impossible, to apply any penalty to their infraction, and the only

remedy is to cease to play with the players who habitually disregard


107. Two packs of cards of different colors are invariably used at

Clubs, and this should be adhered to if possible.

108. A player having the lead and another winning card to play, should

not draw the second card out of his hand till his partner has played to

the first trick, such act being a distinct intimation that the former

has played a winning card.

109. No intimation whatever by word or gesture should be given by a

player as to the state of the hand or the game after the trump card is


110. A player who desires the cards to be placed, or demands to see the

last trick, should do so for his own information only, and not to

attract the attention of his partner.

111. No player should object to refer to a bystander who professes

himself uninterested in the game and able to decide any disputed

question of fact.

112. It is unfair to revoke purposely; and having made a revoke, a

player is not justified in making a second to conceal the first.

113. Until the players have made such bets as they wish, bets should not

be made with the bystanders.

114. Bystanders should make no remark, nor should they, by word or

gesture, give any intimation of the state of the game until concluded

and scored, nor should they walk around the table to look at the

different hands.

115. No one should look over the hand of a player against whom he is


116. Players should pass, assist, order up, etc., with as nearly as

possible the same manner at all times, and should be careful not to give

information by unusual quickness or delay.

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