Doubling And Redoubling

53. The effect of doubling and redoubling is that the value of each

trick over six is doubled or quadrupled, as provided in Law 4; but it

does not alter the value of a declaration--e.g., a declaration of

"Three Clubs" is higher than "Two Royal Spades" even if the "Royal

Spade" declaration has been doubled.

54. Any declaration can be doubled and redoubled once, but not more; a

player cannot double his partner's declaration, nor redouble his

partner's double, but he may redouble a declaration of his partner

which has been doubled by an adversary.

55. The act of doubling, or redoubling, reopens the bidding. When a

declaration has been doubled or redoubled, any player, including the

declarer or his partner, can in his proper turn make a further

declaration of higher value.

56. When a player whose declaration has been doubled wins the declared

number of tricks, he scores a bonus of fifty points in the honor

column, and a further fifty points for each additional trick. If he or

his partner has redoubled, the bonus is doubled.

57. If a player double out of turn, either adversary may demand a new


58. When the final declaration has been made the play shall begin, and

the player on the left of the declarer shall lead.

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