Case Viii


9 of diamonds (turn-up),

Knave of hearts,

Queen of spades,

Queen, 9 of hearts.


Ace, queen, 10 of clubs, Ace, king, 10 of diamonds,

King of hearts, Ace, 10 of spades.

9 of spades.


Queen, 7, 8 of diamonds,

Ace, 8 of hearts.

Score, game-all and four-all.

_First Trick._--B very properly orders up, and leads the ace of

diamonds; C follows with the seven, D throws the ten of clubs, and A

takes with left bower.

_Second Trick._--A leads queen of spades, B covers with the ace, and C

wins the trick with the eight of diamonds, D playing the nine of spades.

_Third Trick._--C leads the eight of hearts, D plays king of hearts, A

plays nine of hearts, and B throws ten of spades (not a sure winner) on

his partner's trick.

_Fourth Trick._--D leads ace of clubs, A ruffs with the nine of

diamonds, B covers with the ten, and C wins the trick and scores a

euchre with the queen of trumps.

REMARKS.--C makes the coup by leading the eight instead of the ace of

hearts. C recognized the fact, after the fall of the cards in the second

round, that B must have had three trumps to order with, and they must

have been the ace, king, ten; and after he had taken the second trick

he must throw the lead into D's hand, thereby making his queen against

the king, ten.

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