Case Vii

Refusing to ruff when you hold the high trump.


Queen of clubs (turn-up),

Right, ace of clubs,

King, queen of spades.


Ace, 9 of spades, Knave of spades,

King, queen of diamonds, 8 of clubs,

Knave of hearts. Ace, 9, 8 of hearts.


King, 10, 9 of clubs,

7, 9 of diamonds.

Score, three to one in favor of B and D.

C assists, and A plays alone.

_First Trick._--B leads ace of hearts, D follows with knave, and A ruffs

with queen of clubs.

_Second Trick._--A leads the right, B plays the eight, and D the nine,

of spades.

_Third Trick._--A leads the king of spades, B refuses to ruff, having

the highest trump, thereby euchring A.

The opportunity for this coup of refusing to ruff occurs very


The following coups, which occurred recently in play, serve to show the

possibilities of the game. They are offered here for the inspection of

experienced players only, and not for the emulation of beginners.

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