Case Ix


Queen of clubs (turn-up),

Right and left bowers,

Queen, knave of diamonds.


9 of clubs, Ace, king of clubs,

10 of diamonds, Ace, king, 7 of diamonds.

King, 7 of spades,

7 of hearts.


Score, A C one; B D three; and one game. A plays alone.

_First Trick._--B leads the ace of diamonds, D plays the ten, and A the


_Second Trick._--B leads the seven of diamonds, D trumps with the nine

of clubs, and A plays the queen of diamonds.

_Third Trick._--No matter what D leads, A is euchred.

B here makes the coup by recognizing what A must have for a trump-hand,

and leads his small and losing diamond, making it imperative for his

partner to ruff, thereby putting the lead through A, and establishing

the euchre.

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