Case Ii

Leading through assistance. When to continue with trumps.


King of hearts (turn-up),

Queen of hearts,

Queen, knave of spades,

Queen of clubs.


8, 9, 10 of diamonds, Knave, 8 of hearts,

10 of clubs, Ace of clubs,

7 of hearts. King, 9 of spades.


Knave of diamonds,

Ace of hearts,

Ace, 8 of spades,

7 of diamonds.

Score, love-all. C assists.

REMARKS.--B leads the right through the assisting hand, C plays the ace,

D the seven, and A should play the king. If A plays the queen to give

information to his partner, B should at once continue with the eight of

hearts, and thus effect a euchre. If A plays the king, B's natural play

would be to lead the ace of clubs, whereby A and C make their point.

Few cases arise when you should conceal information from your partner,

but this is one of them.

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