Case 9

Dummy leaves the table to get a glass of water. As he returns to his

seat, he sees his partner's hand and notices that he is revoking.

Has he, under these circumstances, the right to ask him whether he has

any more of the suit?


Law 60 gives the Dummy the right to ask this question, and does not

specify that he must be in his seat to avail himself of the privilege.

Section 9 of Etiquette provides that Dummy shall not leave his seat for

the purpose of watching his partner's play; but even should he do so,

his breach of etiquette would not deprive him of the rights given him

by law.

An adversary may unquestionably object to the Dummy watching the play

of the Declarer.

That, however, is not the case under consideration. The penalty for the

revoke is the most severe in Auction, many think it unreasonably so,

and a player is unquestionably entitled to every protection the law

affords him.

The decision, therefore, is that, under the conditions named, the

question may be asked.

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