Avoid Opening New Suits

The adversaries of the Declarer should avoid opening new suits unless

the situation shows it to be necessary. They should remember that when

the honors of a suit are evenly divided, opening it is practically sure

to cost a trick, and that the starting of any suit, which is not headed

by Ace and King, or a three-card sequence, is almost invariably

disadvantageous. The lead by the partner has been made with some

object, and should, therefore, be returned, except when the holding of

the Dummy or some other development renders such action plainly


Shifting suits is about as advantageous as swapping horses while

crossing a stream, and the advice to return the partner's suit rather

than risk a new one applies with equal force whether a No-trump or suit

declaration is being played, but does not refer to the situation in

which the partner evidently desires that the suit he has declared be

led through strength up to him.

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