Additional Privileges For A Natural

It is sometimes agreed that the holder of a natural Vingt-un, providing

the dealer has not also received a natural, shall be entitled to an amount

equal to, or double that of his own stake from each of the other players,

unless there be other Vingt-uns, the holders of which are exempted from

payment. This is the old fashioned method of playing the game, and in

many quarters the rule had been abolished, because, as the deal formerly

passed to the holder of the natural Vingt-un, who threw the dealer out,

that was considered sufficient reward for holding the two cards. Now,

however, that the deal merely passes to the next in order, it is desirable

that some further reward should follow from the best possible hand, and the

payment of a stake or a double from each player appears to be the fairest

method, especially as the declaration of a natural brings the deal nearer

to all. The same result may be achieved by agreeing that the contents of

a pool, for which provision has already been made, shall go to the player

declaring the natural.

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