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The Stakes

As before stated, the ante and limit should be fixed before play begins,
and once fixed should not be altered in any circumstances. Players who
have lost sometimes apply to have the limit raised. This should be

The ante should be a small sum, the smaller the better. It must not exceed
half the limit, and for general play a much lower proportion is desirable.
If the limit be one shilling, the ante may be fixed at one penny.

Counters are desirable for play in all cases; they are in every
way more convenient, and avoid the constant trouble of giving change.
They should be circular in form, and all of one size, but of three values,
represented by different colours:--

1, say Red; the value of ante.

2, say White; treble the value of ante.

3, say Blue; the value of the limit.
The counters should be sold to each player before the game begins,
and be bought back at the same rate after play.

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