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2. A game consists of five points. Should a player order up, assist,
adopt, or make the trump, and he and his partner take five tricks, they
score two; three or four tricks, they score one. If they fail to take
three tricks they are euchred, and the adversaries score two.

3. When a player plays alone and takes five tricks, he scores four;
three or four tricks, he scores one. If he fails to take three tricks he
is euchred, and the adversaries score four.

4. The penalty of a revoke takes precedence of all other scores.

5. An error in the score can be rectified at any time before the trump
card is turned in the next deal.

6. Points should be announced before scoring.

7. Each game won counts one unless the losing side has failed to score,
in which case the game counts two. Two additional points are taken by
the side winning the rubber. Thus it is possible to win ten points in a
rubber; that is, four double games, and two points for the rubber.

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