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Fourth Hand Declarations

Some of the principles that have been considered in connection with
certain Second and Third Hand bids are also applicable to similar
Fourth Hand declarations. These are easily pointed out, but the bidding
by the Fourth Hand presents other problems much more difficult.

Each player who has an opportunity to declare materially complicates
the situation, and makes it harder to accurately describe. As three
players declare or pass before the Fourth Hand has his turn, it is
almost impossible to anticipate every contingency that may arise. The
best that can be done is to subdivide Fourth Hand declarations as

1. When the Dealer's defensive declaration has been the only bid.

2. When the only offensive declaration has been made by the Dealer.

3. When the only offensive declaration has been made by the Second

4. When the only offensive declaration has been made by the Third Hand.

5. When the Dealer has made a defensive, and both the Second and Third
Hand, offensive declarations.

6. When the Dealer and Second Hand have made offensive declarations and
the Third Hand passed.

7. When the Dealer and Third Hand have made offensive declarations, and
the Second Hand passed.

8. When all three players have made offensive declarations.

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