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Case Iii

Ruffing a winning card in order to draw trumps and score two.


9 of hearts (turn-up),
Knave of diamonds,
7 of hearts,
Queen, 8 of clubs.


Ace, king of hearts, Queen, 10 of hearts,
King of spades, Ace of diamonds,
King of diamonds, King of clubs,
10 of clubs. 9 of spades.


Right, 8 of hearts,
Ace of clubs,
Ace, 10 of spades.

Score, four to three in favor of A and C. C assists.

_First Trick._--B leads the ten of hearts, C plays the right, D the
king, and A the seven.

_Second Trick._--C leads the ace of clubs, D plays the ten, A the eight
of clubs, and B the king.

_Third Trick._--C leads the ace of spades, D plays the king, A ruffs
with the nine of hearts, and B plays the nine of spades.

_Fourth and Fifth Tricks._--A leads the left, thereby drawing all the
trumps, and continues with the winning club.

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