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A Misdeal

41. A misdeal loses the deal.

42. It is a misdeal,--

I. Unless five cards are dealt to each player.

II. Unless the dealer begin by giving two cards to each player in turn
in the first round of the deal, and three in the second, or _vice

43. A misdeal does not lose the deal if during the dealing either of the
adversaries touch the cards prior to the dealer's partner having done
so. Should the latter have first interfered with the cards,
notwithstanding either or both of the adversaries have subsequently done
the same, the deal is lost.

44. If the adversaries interrupt a dealer while dealing, either by
questioning the score or asserting that it is not his deal, and fail to
establish such claim, should a misdeal occur he may deal again.

45. Should a player take his partner's deal and misdeal, the latter is
liable to the usual penalties, and the adversary next in rotation to the
player who ought to have dealt, then deals.

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